Notre Méthode


Our classes are always conducted in Italian, to bring you into the real Italian language and culture right from the start.

Our school promotes a "Communicative Approach", in which every student, with his own history, interests and necessities, is the active part of the learning process.

The main purpose of our school is "Communication" through a gradual and balanced developement of all the principle communicative abilities: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Materials used during the lessons are taken from the best published textbooks or are custom-made by the teachers of our school.

You will be prompted to active communication through different types of individuals, couple and group activities, conscious of the effectiveness of the peer-to-peer approach and of the cooperative learning.

Here you can find a list of activities held in our school:

- listening and comprehension

- reading and comprehension

- oral and written production

- grammar analysis

- exercises to improve the vocabulary

- didactic games

- watching videos, documentaries and movies

Moreover, in order to maximize a full immersion in Italian language and culture, informal moments such as lunches, dinners and social activities will be organized regularly in cooperation with "Conversation Assistants", local staff and residents who will interact informally with the students about any topic.

At last, thanks to the natural and historical beauty of our territory, class lessons will be accompanied also by external guided tours in order to discover the history and the beauty of the area.

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