Courses Individuels

Do you want to study Italian in a flexible way? Individual classes are what you are looking for!

The timetable and the amount of hours are decided according to your requests and necessities. Each class can last 90 or 120 minutes, according to your preference and time. You can buy only 1 lesson or a package of more lessons.

In the individual classes, you have the maximum flexibility to decide about goals and topics with your teacher.

Here's the list of activities that can be held during customised classes:

- listening and comprehension

- reading and comprehension

- oral and written production

- grammar analysis

- exercises to improve the vocabulary

- didactic games

- watching videos, documentaries and movies

Customised classes can be carried out in traditional class-rooms in Menaggio but also, according to the request of the student, in other "natural" spaces such as in a bar, drinking a cappuccino or a glass of wine, or along the lake, walking around in beautiful Menaggio.

Customised classes can be held also at the student's accomodation. If the accomodation is in Menaggio, there's no extra-fee; if the accomodation is in another village, the extra-fee will be decided according to the distance from Menaggio.

Small Group Customised Course

If you are 2, 3, 4 or more people of the same level, we can plan customised classes according to your specific situation.

Contact us to better explain your needs and necessities and we will send you a personal proposal. Thank you!

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